About Kate

I love gathering and creating beautiful things. This is greatly due to growing up in Alaska where I was always surround by such raw beauty. Living on a rural island fueled my creativity and lead me to study sculpture & art history while in Portland, Oregon. In between graduating, falling in love and moving all over the country, I've added graphic design to my repertoire of skills.  I am now lucky enough to call Hawaii home. I pinch myself every morning knowing I get to learn, grow, and create in this beautiful environment. 

As a visual thinker and artist, Iā€™m a firm believer that objects tell stories. These objects and small details at any wedding or event are just waiting to leave an impression on guests; to help evoke the essence of you, and tell your unique story. 

I believe events turn into beautiful works of art the moment they start truly reflecting the couple. Let's make things meaningful.

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